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5 Jewellery trends to watch out for in 2018

Exploring the 5 Jewellery trends to watch out for in 2018. It was clear that leading suppliers couldn’t steer clear of the branded boom for too long. As a result, many have now stepped into the branded space, turning their long history and heritage into a brand story in its own right.

In recent years, brides have become more aware of the bespoke options available to them. They are more willing than ever before to push for something unique. But with the advent of personalisation and customisation in fashion jewellery, jewellery trends are such that, brides are beginning to expect more than just a design tweaked to their personal style… they want one-of-a-kind engravings, hidden messages, fingerprints and the complete experience that encapsulates this level of detail.

It is safe to say that customers aren’t afraid to ask questions. A continuing interest in Fairtrade and ethical sourcing will combine with the urgency of environmental concerns in 2018, focusing millennial attention on not only where your jewellery comes from, but its impact on the planet itself. Customers are now more than ever interested to know, not just which shop to visit for that statement piece of jewellery, but what also, who made them, where the materials came from and at what cost to workers?

How does one know if a piece of jewellery has been made according to fair trade principles? The Fairtrade Foundation is the body that licences the use of its Fairtrade mark on products in the UK . This worthwhile jewellery trend means a Fairtrade distictive mark on a piece of jewellery indicates that producers have shown that the small-scale miners working on extracting the precious metals were paid fairly and can invest in living and working conditions within their communities.

Over the next 12 months, customer service training will need to be adapted to help employees answer questions in the right way, without leaving the customer confused or in doubt as to your authenticity. Whether you are a designer, a jewellery maker, a manufacturer, or a stockist, the jewellery trend and the customers’ insatiable appetite for provenance and social responsibility  is the secret to brand loyalty; now is the time to ensure all your pieces do stand up to scrutiny.

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